Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Exploring the darker side

Last week I was browsing other blogs. Some were very interesting, others mundane and some very risqué.
One of the blogs I found dealt with the subject of various fetishes , mainly BDSM. Being a small town girl who married her high school sweetheart my knowledge on this subject was non existent.

Over the past week I find myself drawn to this blog and I have even found similar blogs to read as well. I feel drawn to this darker side. On Sunday I was in the drug store and bought myself a copy of Fifty Shades Of Grey. I actually felt my heart pounding wildly at the checkout thinking the cashier is going to blab to half the town that I bought a copy.
Imagining  the ladies at the church snickering behind my back. However all the cashier said was its a good book you'll enjoy it.
I started reading it, wasn't too impressed to begin with but decided to stick with it. Millions of women cant be wrong. Then it got interesting ,very  interesting. So, much so I was up until 3am on a workday reading it. It has stirred up so many longings in my body.
I want my darling hubby to transform into Christian Gray. I want him to tie me up, blindfold me, spank me. My problem is im very shy sexually and I don't know how to broach the subject. I'm also nervous to tell hubby in case he laughs in my face. Then I'll feel stupid.

I have never thought as myself as a subservient woman. But, after reading this book and these blogs I feel drawn to explore further. I just don't know how to begin this journey.

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  1. Why not start small. Buy something sexy to wear to bed. Leave the book in the bathroom when you know hubby's going in. Maybe he'll browse it a bit. Then when he comes out say I'm reading an amazing book but I've put it down and can't find it. Have you seen it. Might spark up a conversation