Thursday, 26 February 2015

Master Cook NOT

I was watching the  Junior Master chef final last night. I couldn't believe what amazing cooks these young boys were. The winner was Nathan 12 yrs old. He cooked a superb rack of lamb and an Earl grey tea tart . My mouth was watering . Congratulations to both boys

I was imaging Gordon Ramsey critiquing my food. It might go something like this  (this was a real supper I made a few nights ago. That didn't quite go to plan)

Ophelia, pasta is meant to to be spread throughout the dish. Not congealed in lumpy maze not even Einstein could unravel.

Gordon tries the meat sauce and goes quite red in the face. Ophelia, when the recipe says 2 cloves of garlic that does not mean 2 whole garlic bulbs. Please , get this woman a Dictionary.

Gordon throws the garlic bread across the room, breaking a window. Ophelia its as hard as a rock.

Dessert was Ice Cream. Think I couldn't mess that up. THINK AGAIN

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