Monday, 16 March 2015

Hillary Verses Barbie

Yesterday there was an urgent news report for all you mom's out there. Shock and horror it seems the latest toy for girls this Christmas will be the Hillary Clinton Doll. She's going to challenge Barbie for supremacy. Poor Barbie won't stand a chance.  How can the bimbo blonde stand up against this political dominatrix. Poor Ken will be on his knees destined to be a slave to Hillary.

Personally I wasn't even sure there was a Hillary doll. I ended up using trusty Google  and for sure there it was on eBay.

Fingers crossed my daughter won't be putting this on her Christmas list.

.Hillary Clinton Dancing Boogie Diva Animated Doll

I even found a Hillary Nutcracker. I'm sure Bill has seen her use that
The Hillary Nutcracker

And this amusing set of Nesting dolls of Bill's Mistresses.

Bill Clinton, Hillary and the Mistresses Nesting Dolls

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  1. Ouch. I can just imagine Hillary crushing nuts between her knees. Love the nesting dolls. The things people think to make LOL.