Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Diet Disaster

Today my diet begins. Well actually my diet begins everyday and ends everyday at 10am. My day starts with resolve a healthy breakfast, pack a healthy lunch, plan out a healthy supper. But, by 10am coffee break my stress level is rocketing into space and I feel the threat of imminent stroke coming on. There is only one way to fix it the euphoric taste of chocolate. All my resolve out of the door I make my way to the vending machine.
Today as I'm putting another piece of mint chocolate aero into my mouth feeling it melt and send me into a euphoric chocolate filled ecstasy I decide to check the email messages on my phone.

One of the email messages is off Group On. Todays offer is Jillian Michaels Body Revolution for the bargain price of $44.99 instead of $157.99. Fifteen discs of gruelling workouts to reshape your body.
I'm certain I'd never make it through one DVD without Jillian here cracking the whip. My current exercise routine involves walking the mall, loading up on shopping then carrying back to my car. Followed on Friday and Saturday by dumbbell curls at the bar. The server fills my large glass with wine and I lift it to and from my mouth.

So ,i think I'm destined to never have a svelte sculptured body unless of course Group on does a deal on sending me Jillian Michaels in person for six months for $9.99.

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