Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Swallows Fly South

After enduring yet another day of relentless mind numbing cold and sun. I found myself lingering outside the travel agency on my way home. I checked out the last minute deals and found a really cheap one for the week I have booked off in March. My mind is spinning with warm thoughts of sun, a pool, frozen marguerites.

I go home filled with longing and decide to broach the subject with darling hubby.
I say can you get the second week of March off.
He says, I suppose so why
I say wouldn't you like to go on holiday somewhere warm
No, replies the grumpy toad aka darling hubby
Why not I say
We're not wasting money on a holiday. We need a new window for the guest room
That can wait I say
It's cold in there he says. You can't expect people to sleep in there.

Do I care if it's cold in there. Nope.
In the past five years we've had maybe 5 guests. Who cares if possible future guests are cold.
I'm Cold NOW.

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